Creating a beautiful landscape need not be overwhelming. In fact, with some thoughtful planning, a low-maintenance yard that is gentle on the local environment can be achieved with breathtaking results. Xeriscaping is a sustainable approach to landscaping which aims to conserve water and reduce maintenance. Don’t worry. While this might sound like landscaping with rocks and cacti, the experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation can show you how this approach can actually help you achieve a lush, green yard that you’ll love for years to come.

The Principles of Xeriscaping

Water Conservation Design & Efficient Irrigation

Herbaceous Border

  • The main principle of xeriscaping is to design your yard for water conservation. We do this by grouping plants with similar water and light requirements together, by using proper grading techniques, and by taking full advantage of the shade provided by healthy trees, shrubs, and structures.
  • Installing irrigation systems such as soaker hoses and drip irrigation that water deeply and less frequently to reduce wasted water from evaporation and hand watering. Programming those systems also allows you to avoid watering in the peak heat of the day and particular zones can be watered at the same time.
  • Placing an organic mulch such as wood chips or bark on the soil surface around plants will help maintain soil moisture thus reducing the need to water and weed while improving the soil.

Selecting the Right Plants and Trees

Another key component in xeriscaping is to select the right plants for your area. The best choice is to use native species that have evolved over centuries to grow in your climate. Your landscape designer can offer options that are hardy and require less attention, fertilizing, and watering. Of course, before planting, you will need to start with healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

Whether you are starting from scratch after building a new house or are making improvements to your home’s current landscape, xeriscaping is an approach that can be used to create a beautiful, dynamic, low-maintenance yard. Talk to the landscaping experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation today and let us design and install the perfect landscape features for you. Based in the Cleveland suburb of North Royalton, we serve the entire region, including Parma, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, and Brecksville. Contact us today at (440) 843-9500 and request a free estimate.