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And once we’ve discussed our professional concrete services, make sure to ask about how we can coordinate a comprehensive outdoor service package utilizing the skills of some of our other crews. We do it all! For example, that in-ground pool you’ve been dreaming about could become a real oasis with a brushed concrete pool deck and perfectly trimmed trees for privacy. Add in some mood-setting landscape lighting, and you might as well be on vacation!

Concrete FAQs

Q. What type of warranty do you have?

A. There is no warranty on concrete since it is simply in the nature of concrete to crack over time. That being said, our experienced installers make saw cuts or trawl grooves in the pad to reduce the pressure that can build up from natural settling and shifting. There is no way to control exactly where the cracks will turn up, but the cuts and grooves help to hide them.

Q. What’s the difference between relief cuts and saw cuts?

A. We use hand tools to make relief cuts, which are mainly decorative and not as deep as saw cuts. As mentioned above, saw cuts are deep and used to reduce pressure and cracking. Most cracks happen under the surface, at the saw cuts.

Q. What is the difference between pavers and concrete? Why would I choose one over the other?

A. Concrete typically has to be replaced after 10 to 20 years, whereas pavers last forever. In addition, colored concrete can fade with time and the surface should be sealed as part of routine maintenance. Not so with pavers. All that being said, pavers can be considerably more expensive than concrete.

Maintenance Tips For New Concrete

Each of our installations is finished off with a concrete sealer. We also suggest that the surface be sealed a second time within the first year. Sealing can be done with either a penetrating sealer or surface sealer, but the surface sealer can be slippery so you may want additives mixed in to make it less so.

Here’s what we suggest to our clients after installation:

  • Stay off newly poured concrete for three days, and keep vehicles off for one week.
  • Keep your hardscapes clear of fallen leaves and other debris, since it can darken concrete surfaces over time.
  • Sweep rock salt off your concrete as soon as it has melted snow and ice to avoid damaging the surface. (But make sure not to sweep it into your flowerbed or lawn!)
  • Take precautions to avoid concrete pitting caused by city street salt that remains on your vehicle after driving on treated roadways.

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