Enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space even when the sun goes down. Landscape lighting showcases the architectural detailing of hardscape as well as provides safety and visibility of pathways at night. Our lighting crew at Precision Landscaping Corporation is here to illuminate and enhance your home or business with professional landscape lighting. Contact us today at (440) 843-9500 to get a free consultation today.

Cost-Effective & Low-Voltage Lighting

Increase the time you get to spend outdoors with bright landscape lighting. We use quality brands like Vista, Kichler, and other outdoor lighting sources to create elegant lighting designs. The LED landscape lighting that we install is more than decorative; it’s low voltage, so it saves you money on electric bills.

Available Outdoor Lighting Options

Not all lighting is created equal. Our landscape lighting contractors can install a specific type of light to best highlight the area that needs illumination.

  • Spot Lighting: showcases stationary or architectural features
  • Silhouetting: highlights the outline of trees and plants
  • Shadowing: casts a shadow on a vertical surface
  • Sign Lighting: keeps signage visible after dark
  • Moon Lighting: recreates the look of a moonlit night on an object of interest
  • Uplighting: highlights trees and architecture
  • Walkway Lighting: sheds light on pathways and is positioned for symmetry
  • Spread Lighting: evenly disperses light at a low level
  • Fountain Lighting: adds warmth and reflection to water at night
  • Pond Lighting: enhances a pond with underwater lighting
  • Grazing: brings out the texture of a façade
  • Downlighting: mounted light to broadcast over large area
  • Step Lighting: commonly used to accent steps
  • Deck Lighting: shows elevation, edges, and drop offs of a deck
Professional Landscape Lighting in Cleveland Ohio