Precision Landscaping Corporation is an outdoor contracting company offering a wide array of outdoor services to clients in the Cleveland area. Check out the answers to some common questions about our tree service below, and then contact us at (440) 843-9500 for a free consultation, and let us take care of your to-do list!

In addition to tree removal and trimming, our professional divisions provide full-service landscaping, concrete work, and professional landscape lighting.

Q. Do you diagnose or treat tree pests and diseases?

A. No, that is not one of the tree services in our repertoire. However, we are able to refer clients to someone who does provide pest and disease services.

Q. I think my tree has its roots wrapped around a drain tile. Is this something you can address?

A. When removing mature trees or large stumps, we sometimes find that this has happened. In this type of situation, the drain would have to be replaced. Our tree crew has the appropriate training to repair or replace broken tiles.

Q. Do you remove all of the wood or can I keep it?

A. Generally speaking, we remove the tree debris as part of the job, but if you prefer to keep it, we can leave it for you.

Q. What safety measures do you take on the job?

A. We take every precaution to maintain the highest safety standards for our crew and your property at all times. In addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we operate under all OSHA standards.

Q. What is the best time of the year to have my trees and shrubs pruned?

A. Optimal pruning time actually depends on the species. For example, fruit trees should generally be pruned late in the dormant season — in other words, early spring — whereas other species like maple or birch should be trimmed when they are completely dormant. Certain species can be trimmed almost any time.

Based in North Royalton, we serve the northeast Ohio areas of Brecksville, Parma, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, and beyond. 

Call Precision Landscaping Corporation today at (440) 843-9500 for a free estimate on your next tree service; we would love to help you with your next Cleveland-area outdoor project. Once you’ve worked with us, you’ll understand why our list of satisfied customers just keeps growing!