Fall is in full swing throughout the Midwest which means it’s prime time to spruce up your lawn. A few key steps towards establishing a new lawn this fall makes for a beautiful start next spring. For our friends in the North Royalton and Cleveland areas, look no further for answers to your lawn care questions than Precision Landscaping Corporation. We are experts on all things outdoors including landscaping, concrete, fencing, irrigation, and tree service. Let us take the stress out of lawn care so you can enjoy this beautiful fall season.

Lush LawnPlant Seeds This Fall for a Lush Lawn Next Spring! 

Follow these 3 easy steps to establish a new lawn: 

1. Prepare the Soil

Before planting grass seed, it’s important to prepare the soil. Till the soil by raking 6 inches deep and applying compost and additional topsoil, as needed. For optimal success, perform soil tests to determine other additives needed to attain the perfect soil pH for growth. Visit your local hardware store or county extension office for soil testing.

2. Seed the Lawn

After preparing the soil, spread grass seed. Cover the grass seed with straw or hay to help control moisture and light. Keep the area moist for 6 weeks to ensure long-term success. If you’re diligent about watering, you’ll see new growth in as little as 1-2 weeks. 

3. Fertilize the Lawn

With any new growth comes the concern for weeds. No one wants dandelions and clover in the spring. The best time to prevent weeds is by spreading a fertilizer with herbicide lawn application in the fall. This winterizing treatment will strengthen grass while deterring weeds.

Is your fall to-do list quickly growing out of control? It’s time to call the lawn care experts for professional lawn care you can trust. Precision Landscaping Corporation has the knowledge and the landscaping team to quickly check off your fall to-do list. Get your outdoor projects started today by calling to request a free estimate at (440) 843-9500.

Photo credit: public domain via www.pexels.com