Precision Landscaping Corporation lush lawn around pinesAt Precision Landscaping Corporation, customers often ask us what can be done about patchy lawns in areas where grass just doesn’t want to grow or fill in nicely like the rest of the yard. We can’t pinpoint the exact problem without seeing the lawn, but our landscape consultants offer this list to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Problem 1: Poor Soil Conditions

Turf grasses do best in nutrient-rich, loamy soil that is not too acid or alkaline and that is not overly compacted.

Solutions: Soil testing can be done to verify soil conditions and to determine whether or not soil amendments would be helpful in your yard. The soil surrounding pine trees is often quite acidic, which is a common limitation for grass growth. For compaction, fall and spring aeration can help remediate the problem.

Problem 2: Inadequate Moisture Level

Turf grasses have fairly specific moisture requirements. Extremely dry conditions can leave your lawn crispy and brown. Too much competition from large, thirsty trees can also leave scant water resources for grass. On the other end of the spectrum, standing water due to poor drainage or overwatering can cause poor growth and lead to disease conditions in turf grasses.

Solutions: The installation of a sprinkler system may be a fairly simple fix when the problem is insufficient moisture. In the case of competition from neighboring trees or shrubs, you may decide to simply forego lawn at the base of the tree and replace it with mulch, or you may decide to have a professional tree service remove the tree, leaving water resources for the grass. If the problem is that there is too much moisture or standing water, proper grading and drainage should be addressed by your landscaping company.

Problem 3: Poor Light Levels

Typically, turf grasses do not thrive in deep shade.

Solutions: Nothing you do will make your lawn flourish in the shade. You either need to remove the object creating the shade, such as a large tree, or replace the lawn with alternate shade-loving plant materials, landscape materials such as mulch and stone, or design elements like a garden path, pond, or pergola.

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