Have you been considering adding a retaining wall to your North Royalton area home? Many homeowners only focus on the ground when taking on landscaping projects, however, at Precision Landscaping Corporation, we encourage you to consider how creating a vertical boundary on your property may benefit your whole landscape design. Read on to learn if a retaining wall is right for you.

The Benefits of a Retaining Wall

Prevents Erosion

The biggest reason homeowners choose to install a retaining wall on their property is that they’ve had trouble with erosion or flooding on their property. If you have steep areas around your property, erosion or flooding can happen any time it rains. The dirt can easily get washed away along with any fertilizers you may have applied, or plants you may have installed. Depending on where your steep areas are, erosion can cause very expensive problems for your yard. A retaining wall solves this issue by keeping your land in place and preventing damage to your land.

Increases Space

While a retaining wall won’t actually add square footage to your lawn, it will increase useable space. If there are a lot of hills on your property, using tiered retaining walls can actually flatten out your land and create more space that can be used for landscaping, gardens, or other features. Your lawn will become more functional and attractive. It can even become a focal point on your property that will make your yard look more appealing.

Add Value

Finally, installing a retaining wall on your property will add value to your home should you ever decide to sell it. Because it makes the property look more attractive and improves its overall aesthetic, the overall value of your property will rise. Prospective home buyers like to see useful, attractive features when searching for a new home. So a retaining wall might just be the thing that sets your home out over the competition.

Whether you want a retaining wall to add some style to your landscaping, or you need one to keep sloped soil stable, the contractors at Precision Landscaping Corporation have the training and talent to accomplish both goals. Our professional crews have been helping Cleveland-area homeowners since 1998. Contact us at (440) 843-9500 today for a free consultation.