It’s officially winter throughout the Midwest, and outdoor work for the homeowner is usually limited to shoveling snow and spreading salt on the sidewalks and driveway. With a fresh coat of snow covering the ground, all of your outdoor landscaping and plant life is dormant for the winter. Did you know that this weather makes for ideal conditions to prune trees? Get a jump start on spring, and ensure a surge of life from your trees by pruning in the wintertime. The arbor experts at Precision Corporation are here for all of your tree trimming and removal needs this winter.

Pruning and Trimming Trees While Dormant This Winter Season

Answers to Your Winter Pruning Questions

1. What is pruning?

Pruning is a technique used in landscaping to cut back unwanted, diseased, dead, or damaged plant life to encourage growth.

2. What plants are acceptable to prune in the winter?

Deciduous plants are those that lose their leaves in the winter. These are the perfect trees and shrubs to prune while dormant throughout winter.

3. Why prune trees in the winter?

It’s much easier to prune a shrub or a tree without leaves since the branches are more visible and there is less debris. Pruning in the winter also affords less risk of transmitting disease between plants as well as less attraction of insects.

4. What are ideal conditions to prune in the winter?

Mild, sunny winter days bring the perfect conditions for winter pruning. Your ideal window of opportunity for winter pruning is from mid-November to mid-March.

5. What are the best techniques for pruning?

Maintain the overall shape of the tree by just cutting back excess length and removing dead and diseased branches. Be sure to wear the proper safety gear and use appropriate equipment while pruning. Large projects and tree trimming can be dangerous and require expertise.Consult the experts at Precision Corporation to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. Check out our customer testimonials that can vouch for our professional, quality work. 

Plants enter into dormancy throughout the winter to sustain climate and weather changes. While growth is not visible, your plants are very much alive and need some special treatment this winter in order to thrive next spring. Take this opportunity to prune your trees and shrubs by contacting the landscaping experts at Precision Corporation by calling (440) 843-9500.


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