Fall is on the horizon here in Ohio, so now is the perfect time to create the perfect backyard oasis. Having a great outdoor space can create an incredible atmosphere that you will treasure for decades. Just imagine the BBQs, the family birthday celebrations, or just getting your group together for no reason except to enjoy each other’s company. Our team at Precision Landscaping Corporation wants to help you add living space and increase the value of your home this fall, so here are a few tips to help you start planning.

Tips for Planning  Your Outdoor Living Space

1. Decide How Your Space Will Be Used

We find it helpful to begin by making a specific list of what you want to be able to do in the space and how you will use it most often. This will help you determine which features should be a priority, and which can be added at a later date if your project budget doesn’t allow for everything at once. Do you want to be able to prepare meals outside? Do you want to host formal dinner parties? Asking yourself these questions will really help you get the ball rolling.

2. Take Stock

Now that you have your goals in mind, figure out what you’re working with. Make a list of what stays and what needs to go. If you have a beautiful 100-year-old oak tree, definitely find a way to keep it. However, if you have an old, sagging, rotten deck, now is a great time to say goodbye. Pay extra attention to anything that will need to be moved or hidden from sight, and then relay everything you need to your landscaper.

3. Follow the Rules

We would hate to see a homeowner’s dreams get crushed by HOA regulations. Therefore, we always recommend finding out the rules before you get too attached to your plans. Find out things like the maximum fence height and which projects require permits. Failing to comply can result in fines and major project delays.

When it comes to landscaping in Ohio, the opportunities are endless! If you need help creating your ideal outdoor living space, contact our team of professionals at Precision Landscaping Corporation at (440) 843-9500 for a free estimate. We would love to make your dreams a reality.