Although they are beautiful, trees require some upkeep. You should be aware of when to hire a tree trimming service whether you live in the woods or have some in your front yard for landscaping. If you don’t prune them, you, your family, and any visitors could be in danger. Continue reading to learn more from the professional team at Precision Landscaping Corporation.

3 Signs Your Tree Needs Trimmed | Professional Tree Service

Branches Are Broken

Broken branches are the initial indication that a tree needs to be pruned. You should clip any branches that are broken, splintering, or even bowing as soon as you notice them. These branches become very dangerous when they break or become weak. You don’t want a branch to fall on a member of your family, a guest, or even you due to improper pruning. After each season or an especially bad storm, do a preliminary walk around your property to check for any damaged or splintering limbs that might not be immediately apparent.

Close to Power Lines

If a tree’s limbs are getting too close to, or even on top of, power lines, that is one solid sign that it needs to be pruned. This needs to be examined and clipped by a professional because it is quite dangerous. For safety reasons, be careful to regularly inspect this tree.

Unusual Growth Pattern

The distinctive growth pattern of the tree in your front yard may be something you appreciate, but it may not be good for the tree. Trees that develop incorrectly are misshapen. Uneven weight distribution between the branches of trees with irregular shapes might result in property damage. Branches may break or splinter as a result of this. Because pruning encourages new development, you should ensure that you perform routine maintenance and pruning on malformed trees because they may grow more quickly than usual.

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