At Precision Landscaping Corporation, we don’t just pride ourselves on superior landscaping skills, we also love to come alongside Cleveland homeowners and help them design beautiful outdoor spaces. Our team strives to stay current on the newest design trends so we can incorporate them into your landscaping. We love to find fun and fresh trends, while also helping our clients discover their own personal styles and preferences. As you consider how to update your outdoor space this spring, let us help you bring your vision to life with these three landscaping ideas that are trending now.

Landscape Design Trends

1. Intricate Hardscaping

Where once we were seeing flat, uniform surfaces, we’re now seeing more ornate, geometric ones. Homeowners incorporating stone, concrete, and other hardscaping into their outdoor spaces are requesting waves, chevron, lattice, and basket weave patterns on everything from walkways to retaining walls. So, if you’re repaving a walkway or adding a fire feature, consider something with a pattern.

2. Garden Designs

More and more homeowners are seeking to make sure their food is fresh and sustainable by growing it themselves. Try planting your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs to give yourself the ability to create a personal outdoor space as well as a personal garden menu. If you’re tight on space, container gardens and vertical gardens are other potential options.

3. Outdoor Rooms

If you have a backyard, you likely want to use it. Try thinking of your backyard as another room in your home, instead of just grass and plants. Add throw pillows, cushioned chairs, and sofas to your outdoor space. Use your style to create a comfortable outdoor room that can serve a greater function, such as a second living room or dining area.

Are you starting to envision your dream backyard? If so, make an appointment to speak with our expert team and start making your dream a reality. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, contact Precision Landscaping Corporation today at (440) 843-9500.