As temperatures continue to drop in Cleveland, Ohio, homeowners are busy preparing for winter. This typically means planning for the holidays, putting away summer gear, and turning the furnace on for the first time. However, as you prepare your home for winter, don’t forget about your landscaping. Our team at Precision Landscaping Corporation has put together a list of three things to do this fall to prepare your home for winter.

Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

1. Rake and Mulch Leaves

We all love seeing the colors of the leaves in the fall. However, leaving those colors on your lawn indefinitely can quickly become problematic for your grass. Leaves on top of your grass can prevent the lawn from getting the sunlight it needs to survive and thrive. Some homeowners choose to rake up all of their leaves and dispose of them, but our team prefers to mow over fallen leaves and use them for mulch. Mulched leaves provide great nutrients for both your lawn and your garden beds, so spread them around and enjoy the free nutrients!

2. Refresh Hardscapes

If your landscaping includes hardscape elements, now is a great time to give them a refresh. Start by giving your hardscape a quick sweep with a broom to remove any debris. Next, give the whole area a power wash to keep it looking fresh and clean. Finally, check for any cracks or missing chunks in your patio, pathways, or paving stones. Fill them and then apply a sealant before freezing temperatures hit. Also, if you don’t currently have hardscape elements in your landscape, give us a call!

3. Add Landscape Lighting

Finally, the colder months are a great time to consider adding landscape lighting to your home. You can use lighting to enhance the look of your landscaping, draw attention to distinctive architectural details, and increase safety and security all year long. Adding lighting now allows you to brighten up your space before the coldest, darkest months arrive. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of making your home look cheery and beautiful during the holiday season.

For help with any of these projects, contact the experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation. Our licensed team is bonded and insured and offers honest and reliable service to customers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Let our professionals prepare your home for the winter months. For a free estimate, contact us today at (440) 843-9500.