Although winter is approaching, you can still enjoy a beautiful snow-covered landscape with colorful and vibrant shrubs and trees. Winter may not seem like the time of year to update your garden, but there are some easy-care plants the landscaping contractors at Precision Landscaping Corporation are ready to plant and install for you.

Consider adding these shrubs and trees to your landscape design. They will add vivid hues to your yard, attract seasonal birds, and display traditional evergreen foliage during this cold time of year. 

Winter Plants

Christmas Holly

Holly shrubs are known for their dark green leaves and scarlet-colored berries. They are one of the most popular winter plants and can be found in many neighborhoods across Ohio. Some of the most common Christmas holly shrubs are American Holly, Common Winterberry, Inkberry, and English Holly.


Bayberry shrubs are known for their silver-gray fruit, known as berries or drupes. They are deer-resistant shrubs due to the resin in their branches and the strong smell of their leaves. They can withstand extreme conditions like high winds and drought, and their leaves turn a gorgeous burgundy in cold weather.

Birch Trees

Birch trees are known for their papery white bark that can range from bright snow white all the way to a deep reddish brown. These trees fare well in colder climates, so they are perfect to add to your winter landscape. Of the many varieties of birch trees, two of the most popular ones are the White Birch, with its white bark and golden yellow fall color, or the Poplar Birch with its dark, glossy, green leaves.

Canadian Hemlocks

The Canadian Hemlock is a type of evergreen tree that keeps its foliage all year round. Unlike the prickly needles of the spruce trees, hemlocks feature soft, feathery needles with a deep green color. They also have small brown pinecones that hang from its branches like Christmas ornaments.

There’s still time to update your landscape for the winter season. Contact the landscape designers at Precision Landscaping Corporation, or call our office at (440) 843-9500 for your free estimate.