Spring is finally just around the corner in Cleveland, OH, and its time to start thinking about putting away your boots and snow shovels and taking stock of what kind of care you can start giving to your yard. Our team at Precision Landscaping Corporation knows how to make your lawn give a great first impression of your home. Taking care of your landscape early in the spring is the best place to start, so check out our tips below and get ready for the warmer temperatures to come.

Spring Landscaping Tips

1. Shrub and Tree Care

Heavy snow and strong wind gusts throughout the winter months have likely caused breakage of tree and shrub branches. Take stock early so you can decide if the damage can be pruned yourself, or if you need to hire a professional. Shrubs that bloom mid-to-late summer are best pruned in late winter or early spring. If you have a dead tree in your yard, it’s not only unsightly, but also dangerous during a storm, so be sure to get it removed as soon as possible. Finally, be sure to remove all tree debris from your yard once the pruning work is complete.

2. Lawn Care

It is important to rake and thatch your yard before spring is in full swing. Aerating your lawn will help high traffic areas that have become compacted. Additionally, you’ll want to apply a light fertilizer to your lawn when you’re doing your spring landscaping, as opposed to the fall fertilization which is heavier. Finally, be sure to apply grass seed to any bare patches in your lawn.

3. Mulch

Mulch your flower beds and the base of trees during the early spring months to make them visually appealing and help plants retain moisture. The mulch also acts as an insulator for the roots, in case the temperatures drop. There should be about a 1-inch thick layer of mulch, and never more than 3 inches of mulch in one spot. Make sure that the mulch you choose complements the exterior of your home and the color of the vegetation that you plan to plant in your yard.

4. Plants

Before you start planting, make sure the plants you choose are compatible with the soil where you live. Local nurseries will be familiar with your ground’s composition, and will know what plants thrive in that soil. Additionally, they can advise regarding factors such as the amount of light a plant will thrive in. Consult a professional landscaper when making your plant decisions to ensure that they will thrive and won’t die shortly after they are planted, wasting your time and money. Pick brightly colored plants that complement the exterior of your home.

When it comes to landscaping in Ohio, the opportunities are endless! If you need help waking up your lawn this spring, contact our team of professionals at Precision Landscaping Corporation at (440) 843-9500 for a free estimate. With satisfied customers throughout Cleveland and the surrounding areas, Precision Landscaping Corporation is here to help you this spring.