Tree trimming may sound like a relatively straightforward process. After all, how hard could it be to cut away a few branches? However, the tree experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation have seen a few too many trees fall victim to inexperienced tree trimmers. The results are unsightly and can also harm the tree’s health. Below are three tree-trimming mistakes we see and how you can avoid them.

3 Tree Trimming Mistakes to Avoid

1. Trimming the Wrong Branches

Most homeowners notice a few branches in their trees that appear sparse or dead and decide to cut them off. However, tree trimming is not that simple. Without the proper knowledge, you could unintentionally cut the wrong limb at the wrong time, damaging the tree’s ability to make food or leaving it vulnerable to infection or disease. Before trimming your trees, it’s important to consider the location of the branches, how much really needs to be trimmed away, which angle to cut, and which tools you’ll need to use. If you don’t feel qualified to make these considerations, we recommend calling in a professional to assess your tree so you don’t do any harm.

2. Trimming Too Much

The objective is to remove 5–10% of the total limbs that produce foliage. Going above that limit could drastically impede the tree’s capacity to develop, recover from any damage, absorb sunshine, and generate food. Additionally, it may result in limb or branch death, which not only looks ugly but may also pose a dangerous and expensive risk to your property. A dead branch is dangerous because it could fall and harm anything in its path, including a person, a vehicle, or a house.

3. Topping the Tree

Tree topping is a technique we often see from inexperienced tree service companies rather than homeowners. This technique harms trees, turning them into ugly eye sores with stubby branches. Tree topping removes the entire top of a tree without regard to the branches being cut, which often results in branch decay, leading to tree death. A quality tree service company would never recommend this service.

If you have a tree on your property that needs attention, leave it to the professionals at Precision Landscaping Corporation. Depending on the tree, location, and situation, we will select the appropriate tools and trimming approach. We serve the Cleveland area with tree trimming, landscaping services, and more! Contact us today at (440) 843-9500.