Thinking about installing a paver on your property? If so, congrats! Pavers are less maintenance and upkeep than decks and porches, but they can offer the same beauty and relaxation. Precision Corporation specializes in pavers, and we want to share a few tips on selecting the right style and colors of pavers for your home.

Tip #1: Consider What Type of Space You Want

Looking for a peaceful place to do yoga? Perhaps you want a rustic-looking space for get-togethers with friends. Or maybe you want a place to write, and it needs to be stimulating. Believe it or not, your purpose for the paver should have an effect on the colors and style you decide on. A Zen garden will require non-tumbled bricks with clean lines. An inspiring place to write will require patterns and color. A rustic aesthetic will require tumbled bricks with uneven edges.

Tip #2: Choose Colors That Go with Your Home

Don’t choose a color that clashes with your home—or even a color that totally matches it. It’s best to go a few shades lighter than the main color of your home so that the paver won’t be “competing” with it.

paverTip #3: To Color or Not To Color?

Pavers can be designed in all colors, or none at all. This is entirely up to your taste and what the area will be used for, but it’s good to consider a couple things. Monotone pavers are all one color and can look quite sleek—however, these tend to show off stains more, since everything is one color (stains like bird droppings, barbecue grease stains, oil, etc.). Multicolored pavers can hide stains more easily and often look great with a home’s existing look.


If you need help choosing your perfect paver, contact our team of professionals at Precision Corporation by clicking here or calling us at (440) 843-9500 for a free estimate. With satisfied customers throughout Cleveland, North Royalton, Parma, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Brecksville, and the surrounding areas, Precision Corporation can help you decide on the right paver or any other backyard landscaping you want!