Most homeowners in the Midwest are not getting the most out of their outdoor living spaces this time of year. Often, we choose to stay indoors as much as possible to stay out of the brutally cold temperatures and harsh winds. However, at Precision Landscaping Corporation, we encourage you to consider spending more time outdoors this winter by following these three tips we’ve put together.

Enjoy Your Backyard in Winter

1. Add Light

If you work a full-time job, you likely don’t see much of the sun in the wintertime. You go to work when it’s still dark outside and get home as the sun is setting. But don’t let the lack of sunlight hold you back from enjoying your backyard. A practical way to address this issue is simply by adding outdoor landscape lighting to your backyard. Our team can help you create a landscape design that will create a warm environment perfect for sipping spiked cider and eggnog after a long day.

2. Add Warmth

In addition to dark conditions, cold temperatures are another reason many midwesterners choose to spend winter indoors. However, we have a solution to that problem as well- add heat! There are a variety of ways to make your backyard or patio warmer and more enjoyable, even on cold nights. Adding patio heaters, a stone fire pit, or even a hot tub are great ways to warm up while still enjoying the great outdoors. Bring out the blankets and invite your friends for hot chocolate for a relaxing evening around the fire.

3. Add Beauty

Finally, give yourself something beautiful to look at while enjoying your backyard this winter by planting a few colorful and vibrant shrubs and trees to your landscape. Christmas holly, bayberry, birch trees, and Canadian hemlocks are all great options that will brighten up your outdoor space and are easy to install and care for in the wintertime. They will also attract seasonal birds for you to watch while you enjoy your backyard. It’s a win-win!

Don’t hibernate this winter. Instead, spend time in the great outdoors! To get started designing an outdoor space you can enjoy year-round, contact the experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation of Cleveland, OH today at (440) 843-9500.