Hardworking Ohio homeowners are used to handling their own landscaping. Mowing, landscaping, and snow removal are all well within their abilities. However, when it comes to tree trimming, many homeowners find themselves out of their depth. At Precision Corporation, we value the safety of our customers more than anything, so today we’re discussing three reasons why tree trimming should always be left to the professionals.

Reasons Not to Trim Your Own Trees

1. It’s Dangerous for You

Unless you’ve been specifically trained to do so, you should not be climbing up into a tree with a chainsaw. The risk comes from the actual climbing, holding a chainsaw, and not having the education required relating to healthy tree branches. An untrained homeowner may not be able to differentiate between a rotten and a healthy tree branch. Therefore, they run the risk of stepping on an unhealthy branch and falling. Even for trained professionals, the job is challenging and dangerous.

2. It’s Dangerous for Your Home

Attempting tree trimming yourself also puts your home or any other surrounding buildings at risk. Cutting off branches in the wrong way can quickly lead to property damage and again, education is needed to know how to do it properly. Also, many homeowners don’t trim their trees until there is an obvious sign of disease. However, if tree trimming is only done when branches are very obviously unhealthy, there may be branches that need trimming that are being neglected. This means that a strong breeze or an icy day can bring branches down unexpectedly and cause damage to your home or property.

3. It’s Dangerous for the Trees

Finally, improper tree trimming is dangerous for the tree itself. Uneducated homeowners often damage their trees by using wrong techniques or using dirty, dull tools to do the job. Not using clean, sanitized tools can actually transfer diseases from tree to tree, and dull tools can lead to jagged cuts that take longer to heal. Trained tree trimming professionals have the right tools and expertise to keep your trees healthy and thriving.

If you have a tree on your property that needs attention, leave it to the professionals at Precision Corporation. We will select the appropriate tools and trimming approach depending on the tree, location, and situation. We serve the Cleveland area with tree trimming, landscaping services, and so much more! Contact us today at (440) 843-9500.