For the average Cleveland homeowner, little thought is put into the trees on the property until one becomes a problem. However, just like all living things, trees require proper care in order to stay healthy. And, just like most home problems, preventative measures should always be taken. Additionally, the average homeowner doesn’t generally possess the necessary equipment and know-how to safely trim a tree. That is where our team at Precision Company can help. Read on for a few reasons it may be time for you to call in a tree trimming professional.

When to Call a Tree Trimming Professional

1. Your Tree Is Larger Than You Can Handle

Many perfectly healthy trees can benefit from routine tree trimming and shaping. Not only is pruning important aesthetically, but it also improves air circulation through the leaves and branches, making trees and shrubs less prone to pest infestations and disease. With larger trees, the process of trimming is labor-intensive and potentially dangerous. And, if not done properly, it can do more harm than good.

2. Your Tree Appears to Be Diseased

Trees are vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases, which vary depending upon the species of tree, the environment, and several other factors. If you notice signs of stress on your tree, you may need to call in a professional who can properly diagnose and treat the problem. Many times, a homeowner will simply cut away sickly leaves but does not solve the problem at the source of the illness.

3. The Limbs Are Becoming Dangerous

Large tree limbs can become damaged by heavy winds or other adverse weather conditions, leaving them hanging precariously and thus in danger of falling. Once again, without proper training and equipment, attempting to remove these large limbs can be very dangerous. Removing these types of limbs is not just about the actual cutting, but also about controlling the way they fall. For jobs like this, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Find Out More

If you have a tree on your property that needs professional attention, contact the experts at Precision Landscaping Corporation. We will select the appropriate tools and removal approach depending on the tree, location, and situation. And once the tree and stump have been removed, our landscaping team will back-fill the area and cover it with grass seed and straw. Contact us today at (440) 843-9500.