It’s that time of year. Walkways and driveways can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Salt can be expensive, harmful to the environment, and tough on your pet’s paws. That is why the team at Precision Corporation recommends the following methods for melting your ice without using salt.

3 Ways to Melt Ice Without Using Salt

Magnesium Chloride

For good reason, many Midwesterners keep magnesium chloride in their homes. It can easily handle moderate to considerable ice accumulations and efficiently melt ice at temperatures of roughly -15 degrees Celsius. In addition, compared to calcium chloride, magnesium chloride offers a more eco- and pet-friendly choice. Buy magnesium chloride in pellet form rather than flake form for best results. The pellets should be spread out by hand over frozen surfaces until they are evenly distributed. The chemical components of the magnesium chloride pellets will melt the ice as they break through it, helping to rid you of any winter woes.

Rubbing Alcohol

Many commercial de-icers include alcohol stated as a component on their packaging. This is due to the fact that the typical 70 percent rubbing alcohol solution has a very low freezing point, making it the perfect deicer. Pouring rubbing alcohol onto frozen walkway sections this season will save you money compared to purchasing another package of store-bought de-icer. Alternatively, you can make an all-year-round solution by mixing one part warm water and two parts rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. To coat and melt the ice, spritz the solution onto the surface of your driveway.

Kitty Litter

While it doesn’t technically melt the ice, the secret is out that kitty litter can prevent slips, falls, and other wintertime mishaps for pet-owning homeowners. Kitty litter aids in friction creation to help you get traction on slick surfaces even if it isn’t a de-icer. Throw some non-clumping kitty litter by hand over an icy sidewalk or in the ruts left by your vehicle’s tire treads if you have to rush out the door and can’t wait for the ice to melt. Are you out of cat litter or don’t have a cat in the house? Replace it with any other grittier materials you might already have. Sand or sawdust are other good examples.

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